Healthy lifestyle

These are probably some of the most misunderstood subjects. Most of us seek a comfortable & easy life. By doing this, we adopt such a lifestyle that causes or precipitates large number of diseases. High cholesterol, Low fibre diet, Lack of exercise, Living in congested dwellings, Fast urban life, Smoking, Consumption of alcoholic beverages are some of the most important disease promoting factors. In addition to these factors, Stress, Strain, & Competition have also increased in epidemic proportions. Well! These not only lead to diseases but also degenerate the body totally, leaving it irreparable.

Developments in science & technology also have played havoc in human’s life. People want to live a materialistic life increasingly. Today in this modern society we are looking for happiness & pleasure from material comforts. But, psychologically speaking, our locus of control is just external, while in fact, we are in the state of deterioration internally. We look happy & smile to show that we have no worries, nothing bothers us, & are leading a Tension – free life. However, this isn’t true!

Somewhere deep in the recesses of our mind, our disturbing & hidden thoughts, disappointments, worries, tensions that lie latent.

When & how to clear this cluster within? For this same cluster, constantly bothers us, making us worry unnecessarily, thereby causing or at least aiding the most (or should I say, ‘Worst’) degenerating diseases (Often Incurable!). Every disease; has certain clinical conditions, pathological symptoms, & several prognosis’ externally. But, we often fail to understand that every disease is mainly caused due to Mind – Mental Thinking & Fluctuations. As per Stress Management, “No situation in itself, is stressful… Our way of thinking, attitudes etc. Makes us perceive various seemingly normal situations as stressful. ” As a popular quote very aptly, states “People & situations, both are powerless; without your reaction”

Conclusion: By transforming our attitudes, we can transform pain into pleasure, criticism into blessing, & sorrow into bliss. I believe, that curing any disease should mostly deal with treating the mind, restoring the soul’s energy, repairing & nourishing mental health, reviving or inducing spiritual health & well – being, living based on healthy living principles, following a healthy sattvik diet/nutrition. This truly embraces the treatment of psychological & psychosomatic diseases by holistic health care