Instagram followers…

If you are seriously considering joining the instagram trend – All the best! If you are new to the social media module and unaware of the nuance of the potential and the threat it may pose to your private and professional life. It is as interesting as an author putting his synopsis and a poet putting a foreword to his life time achievements; only on instagram you need to say it photo and pictures or images. A picture they say can say a thousand words is apt and many wonder on the success achieved by a certain class of people who are not the extra bit on the intellectual fronts. The distinct advantage they posses is that they understand the system and the process that this particular medium follows. You need to exercise these three things if you want to have strings of Instagram followers to your account.

Patience : In the initial stages one needs to be patient like a mule as like success that may work overnight and make you a star but it can never undermine the diligence that has gone through the works over the period of time relentlessly churning without respite with dedicated persistence. Instagram is fast emerging as a favorite among the teenagers and professionals alike but still at times it is quite intimidating especially if you are not an ace at it. It gets exciting by the day when you see a sudden surge of interest created by your posts. The infrequent likes now become regular and some comments which were once a matter of fact hmm and ahhs now are more appreciative and criticism flies out of the window. The initial groups that was once only limited to friends and relatives now grows into a mass of networkers and strangers from the other side of the world. Remember – Patience of a mule !

Post more often : Like a true professional interested in keep up the good work, it is in your own interest to chalk out a tabulated schedule of when to post, what to post and at what interval. It is good to keep the people thirsty and come looking for more only they should know when because if they come back often and find no content they tend to loose interest in scanning for your posts. When on holiday do let the followers know of your non-availability so they know what is to be expected and is more polite and courteous a gesture that will find you in the good books of the follower. A little communication goes a long way… Keep at it… do not stop !

Tagging : If you somehow fathom the advantages of being a social party animal and a also understand the advantages of the social media networking you would sure not be discouraged by the time taken by the systematic categorization of your work. There are a few tips which may enhance the scalability of your posts. The most popular is tagging. You may tag your friends and relative in the beginning as they tend to multiply as they can be easily seen by the friends of your friends, and those that you may have only met through the network channel, but have unwittingly tagged. Tagging increases the visibility of your posts. People follow you because they probably share the same interest and likes as you do. Taking photographs and posting images that always show you in the best of light may get you a few rebukes but over a period of time it culminates in you characteristic. Tagging is like announcing- You need to give me that special attention that I am worthy off… I have arrived !

# tagging : Hash tagging does have its own advantage and make you be a part of the fraternity developed by the taggers at large !

The popular #tags are : #followback #instafollow #141 (like for like) participating in events or creating one just like you have a planned party for friends and community members. All these make you a force to reckon with and helps to promote your postings. Holding contests,  Updating your profile pics or biopics at a regular interval also is a sure way of boosting up your instagram account.

You can also promote them on other website or portals like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ etc