Gamers, the right people to date because they break keyboards, mobile phones and not hearts.  GAMERS some like to play games offline especially as because they don’t have an internet package on their phone and as they can play them in any corner… Away from their wi-fi router. And then there are those online gamers who put all their dedication on online wars and things like that.  At present online games like Clash of Clans , Farmville, Cityville , 8 Ball pool , etc. are world famous , whereas people playing them are totally gone into it… like REALLY gone into it. These people, while play these games, care about nothing, absolutely nothing, like it’s some kind of a real war or something. They don’t care on how much they spend on their internet nor do they hesitate to buy play coins using real money which is not the same with offline gamer (because the rival should not go ahead). Recent studies shows that the average anxiety of a teenager addicted with online games is more than the anxiety of a person in an asylum in 1950.

Offline games have the upper hand in such conditions, people play offline games to release stress, anger, etc. while online games have a kind of addiction… like literally addiction. Such an addiction if caught is very difficult to leave. Not the same with offline games, you just play them and you are over it the second you decide to leave your phone. But online games also have an advantage, they bring you closer to your friends and other people. At the same time, takes you away from the people near you and that’s very BAD.

Offline games often help you to de-stress, and  overcome some of the sorrows. So everyone should try their hand at offline games.